What is Probate?

Also known as estate administration, probate is the process of administering the estate of a deceased person, allowing their estate to be distributed in accordance to their wishes

When you die, someone has to deal with your financial affairs and make sure that what you leave passes to the correct people.

If you have made a Will, your beneficiaries will be mentioned in it. However, if you die leaving no Will, the law will decide who will deal with your finances and who will benefit (click here to find out who).

The process of administering your property and financial affairs after your death is often referred to as “estate administration”. The process of estate administration can include dealing with closing down bank accounts and settling any bills and debts you may leave. Even if you have made a Will naming trusted people to deal with estate administration, when the time comes, they may feel overwhelmed or unable to deal with the process without assistance from professionals. Professional help is often expensive - but it does not have to be.