Estate & Inheritance Planning

Estate planning is not something just for wealthy or retired people.

People speak to us about estate planning for many different reasons.

Some want to provide for the next generation or leave a charitable legacy when they die, others simply want to minimise an Inheritance Tax bill. Whatever your priorities are, the sooner you start thinking about estate planning the more you can do.

Will you leave an Inheritance Tax bill?

Normally the first step will be to calculate how much Inheritance Tax there could be to pay on your estate. Next, we can forecast your outgoings and expenses to calculate how much you may be able to give away without affecting your normal lifestyle or future plans.

Control over how your money is passed on

You have worked hard to build your wealth so it is natural to want control over how it is passed on.

Perhaps you want to choose when the money is given and what it is spent on? Maybe you want to give away cash while still taking income from it? Or with families growing and relationships changing, you may want to make sure the money stays within your family. There are several ways to keep some control over how your money is passed on – we can talk you through the options and help you make a decision