Estate planning for you and your family

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Inheritance Protection

We provide proven solutions to protect inheritance for vulnerable beneficiaries, for example minors, those that are registered disabled, or those who may not be able to handle money well.

Estate & Inheritance Planning

People speak to us about estate planning for many different reasons. Whatever your priorities are, the sooner you start thinking about estate planning the more you can do.

Planning for your future

Estate planning can involve many different actions, from putting in place a basic Will, to setting up a lifetime trust. Whatever you need, we can discuss the options with you, allowing you to make an informed decision.


No matter how complicated or simple your Will may be, our consultants will work closely with you, listening carefully to your needs and wishes, and providing advice based on all of the information you give.

Will Registration

You have made your Will and put it in our safe custody or a safe place of your own. However, if your family don't know where it is, there is a risk of it being lost or overlooked.

Severance of Tenancy

Severance of tenancy is very popular with couples (married or otherwise) seeking to protect their property and other assets from third party threads and/or the remarriage of the survivor.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Who would make decisions on your behalf if you no longer had the mental capacity to do so? Someone needs to act on your behalf to carry out your personal and financial affairs.


Also known as estate administration, probate is the process of administering the estate of a deceased person, allowing their estate to be distributed in accordance to their wishes.

Document Storage

Once your Will is completed, it should be carefully stored. Ideally it should be kept somewhere safe, where no one can obtain unauthorised access to it and where your executors will know how to retrieve it.